Gregor Schaefer
    //  Woodworking portfolio

This page shows some of my woodworking projects. I build these objects in Amsterdam (Netherlands), with hand tools and using traditional joinery.
As a reference for size, I added a mug in some of the photos.

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Storage box with a sliding tray  /  beech, oak  /  dovetails, finger joints

Jewelry box  /  cherry, walnut, rosewood, oak  /  dovetails

Keepsake or jewelry box  /  pear, walnut, beech  /  mitered corners with walnut splines

Miniature loom for weaving sample pieces  /  beech  /  dovetails

    interchangeable warp blocks for various spacings of threads  /  pine
    weaving accessoiries  /  beech

Chest of drawers  /  beech, oak, walnut  /  dovetails

    reclaimed wood, except for the drawer fronts and bottoms

Coffee grounds box  /  beech  /  finger joints

Keepsake or jewelry box  /  cherry, walnut, olive  /  dovetails

Tiny wall-mounted CD-holder  /  beech  /  dovetails

Box for transporting and displaying art prints  /  oak  /  dovetails

    lid is in two pieces, double-acting as the supports  /  plywood

Keepsake or jewelry box  /  poplar, oak  /  dovetails

Coaster for a vase  /  pine, unknown hardwood, walnut  /  half-lap joints

Tiny box  /  oak  /  finger joints

Roubo saw (18th century inspired saw for resawing boards)  /  reclaimed pine  /  mortise and tenon